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A typical issue for many homes is a gate that has sagged over time. Time, weather, and use can cause bolts and the wood they secure to become unattractive and hazardous. If you allow it to drag on the ground, it could become difficult to open. This has the potential to be really irritating. The vast majority of these issues have easy fixes that require just minimal changes from fence and gate repair florida specialists. Start by ensuring that the gateposts are level and plumb. Check the strength of the base the gates are fixed to, if only as a precaution. We propose repairing it if necessary. Check to see if any of the lag screws in the hinges are missing or damaged. It is crucial to have backups available in case you need to replace something. Remove the lock from the door. Measure the diagonal distance between the bottom of the hinge side and the top of the latch side. To work with this size, cut a board to the proportions of 2 inches by 4 inches. Start by driving a few 3-inch deck screws halfway through the board. Have an assistant lift the gate a few centimetres off the ground while you screw in the vertical boards.

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Remove the lag bolts connecting the bottom hinge to its mounting, even if the hinge and bolts appear to be in good condition. If the hinge has sustained any form of damage, it must be replaced. Remove the bottom lag bolt in order to release the top hinge. Get assistance lifting the gate, and then measure its height to ensure it is level. Mark the lag bolt to indicate where it has to be relocated, and then either retighten it or replace it. The top hinge should be tightened if the gate is sagging on the side where the latch is located. Then, the gate must be removed from its post. The next step is to spin the hinge bolt counter clockwise. The hinges on the drooping gates must then be restored in their original placements by fence and gate repair florida specialists. After completion, the latch must be aligned with the gate’s opening. The latch must constantly face the gate’s opening in order for the gate to be properly closed and opened.